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Aggregate update bundles delivered in August 2009 contain the new hotfixes for Microsoft Office 2007. A hotfix is a solitary bundle with documents that address explicit issues in an item. The updates are helpful for both center suite applications and servers; they are just conveyed through Microsoft Client care and Backing. There are a few bundles accessible, each made to address at least one issues. Here you will figure out how to refresh your framework with the Microsoft Word hotfixes.

Stage One:

Research the two hotfix bundles that are accessible for Microsoft Word. An intensive rundown of the accessible bundles is on the Microsoft Backing site.

Stage Two:

Figure out which hotfix bundle overhauling Word Azure exam will tackle your concern. It is suggested that you just apply the hotfix bundle for the issue you are encountering. The first (#974162) resolves an issue with a PC that is running Windows XP. For this situation, assuming you empower the Perceive Text Utilizing OCR highlight, the Workplace Report Imaging Device might crash. The second hotfix bundle (#973401) resolves 14 unique issues, some of which are well defined for unfamiliar renditions of the program. A couple of English-variant issues connect with: the SharePoint library, Standpoint 2007, hyperlinks, and tables. A full rundown of the 14 fixes can be seen here.

Stage Three:

Check that your framework has 2007 Microsoft Office suite Administration Pack 1 or Administration Pack 2. You should have one of these on your framework to apply these hotfixes.

Stage Four:

Contact Microsoft support and request the suitable hotfix for your framework. You should reference the Information Base article number for the hotfix to demand it. To connect with a help proficient, click Get Assist Now at the lower part of the Microsoft With supporting page. You can make starting contact through email, online visit, or phone (1-800-MICROSOFT).


It is suggested by Microsoft that you test the hotfixes prior to conveying them.

This update is aggregate, meaning each new fix contains the total rundown of hotfixes and security fixes from the past update bundle. In the event that the issues don’t truly prevent you, Microsoft suggests that you sit tight for the following update bundle to completely refresh your framework.

You won’t have to roll out any improvements to the library to utilize one of these hotfixes and neither of the bundles supplant a formerly delivered hotfix.


In the event that unexpected issues happen during your hunt and introduce, you might be expected to make a different help demand, which will cause support costs